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All the customers

As always "is smart! Thank you very much for using steak.
We sincerely give to all of you infected with to this new coronavirus and people concerned heartily.
So that, in us, store employee who is partners of the whole country, casts (store part-time job employee) work with giving first priority to security of customer in peace again,
We perform the following approaches with measures in operation and hygiene side of service in shop as infectious disease measures at stores of the whole country.

Approach of prevention of infection spread
●Store, thorough physical condition check and hand-washing of the employee cast
●Reinforcement of rule of mask wearing
●Setting of alcohol disinfection in shop
●Thorough ventilation in periodical shop
●Thorough frequent disinfection, hygiene management of point where overall kitchen utensil, unspecified number of the general public touches
●Reinforcement of takeout enforcement


▶List of change stores of ︎ business hours (8/6 18:00 update) is this


Associated news
Policy of each local government by [request of temporary closure of a school in elementary school, junior high school, high school and special support school] that the government announced for shortening, closure as new coronavirus infectious disease measures in each places of the whole country in us for business hours of some stores,
By business hours changes of located commercial facilities in some stores including shortening and closure of business hours may change business form in a hurry.
Therefore store business hours displayed by store information in homepage may be different from real business hours.
I apologize to customers for the inconvenience very much, but as one of understanding and cooperation thank you for your cooperation.
We continue approach of the infectious disease prevention carrying out at stores of the whole country and give top priority to security of customer and employee and all related and will act in extended restraint of infection from now on.




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