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It is birth of steak person which is unbearable for meat enthusiast

●Reason of steak of overwhelming inexpensiveness?

From business area, road side to food court! It is shop of style to be able to enjoy steak and wine in pursuit of cost performance.

It is good sit down relaxedly like steak kuni Akasaka shop, and to enjoy meal and conversation, but eat steak for the "suddenly" first first store suddenly quickly suddenly; and to the next shop!

●Steak of the thick-sliced big size

Our store thinks in this way…

"First what is rare, and eat thick-sliced meat which we cut thick while riding flavor of charcoal!"
The first person dying taste and taste to ooze out so as to chew if chew of rare by all means! Please feel!

In addition, big size that recommended our restaurant steak is 300 g or more!
We pull appetizers and can finish eating even big size in no time unexpectedly because we eat suddenly♪
As it is sale by measure of gram unit, please thoroughly enjoy steak with your favorite quantity to one's heart's content!

●The sale by measure price of gram unit

We introduce order cut system cutting meat in cut ground after we receive order in our restaurant.

We cut the freshness with quantity of order from managed lump meat in kitchen and bake in the same rare.

※300 g of ribs can choose the top rib, middle rib, sirloin, fillet from 200 g.

※It becomes fixed-quantity cut in lunch.

※We accept fixed-quantity cut that we can order at the time of dinner at seat.

●Taste of meat becomes more attractive when we eat steak suddenly.

We taste steak with beer and wine without appetizer at the very beginning…
It is steak on empty stomach! We can realize particular taste!

In addition, as for the specially made our restaurant steak sauce, Ichinose of the founder thought out affinity with steak
Exquisite sauce!
It is sure that it enhances taste of steak as for several times!
Please enjoy for juwaa ... in hot iron plate.



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