Of "nyo ku 7 light and darkness dragon destination" &
Suddenly! Steak collaboration campaign application terms

1. Application period
It is until from January 15, 2020 to February 12, 2020. We cannot accept subsequent application.

2. Target customer
Download e-mail magazine member and breath or meat mileage card steak application,
"Dragon customer who was had entry of by nyo ku 7" collaboration campaign

3. Campaign entry method
We push campaign banner displayed by application top screen.
Afterwards, we push "participating" button and are entry completion. (visit before entry does not count even if during period)

4. Stamp condition
At the time of the meat mileage card addition, stamp of store which stamp automatically had to stamp card in application is pushed. (it may take 5-10 minutes before reflection)
Sealing at the same store should be one time of lunchtime (until 15:00), dinnertime (after 15:00) one time.

5. Lottery application method
Appear after the expiration with four application stamps; in "lottery, in spite of application", is application completion. We can apply for campaign several times.

6. About lottery announcement
As a result of lottery that is careful selection, we decide elected candidate by the end of February, 2020 and, to e-mail address at the time of meat mileage sign-in, change to announcement with successful contact by email. (we do not perform announcement on HP)
When there is not reply from elected candidate, within one week after mail delivery more successful than reply form in successful email, elected candidate loses successful qualification.
Successful email is inner, and there is address entry column in reply form. We will ship election product to the address.
Decision of sponsor about elected candidate is final and cannot accept inquiry at all.

7. With application to campaign, it is considered that we consented to this application terms.

8. Prize
Design meat money coupon 100 people original for A prize 3,000 yen

"Dragon is nyo ku 7" PS4 game software B prize         Ten people

"Dragon is nyo ku 7" 8bit T-shirt C prize           Ten people

D prize kurumafurataoru "dragon specially made by nyo ku 7"      Ten people

E prize poster ten people "dragon containing nyo ku 7" Nagoshi general supervision signature

9. We transfer successful right and cannot realize.

10. By fate of premium notation, person elected in this campaign may not be elected other campaigns that sponsor carries out at the same time.

11. About error in application to this campaign, interruption of network, data disappearance, malfunction, delay, manipulation of application contents, the loss of network line, organiser does not suffer the responsibility at all.

12. Applicant occurs by participation in this campaign and the conferment of prize for sponsor and person concerned with this campaign (is not concerned indirectly directly), about loss or the damage cannot hold to account.

13. About personal information that you let know about, we use for successful contact and duties associated with this.