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  • Steak Aso Kumamoto Airport store is open suddenly!
    TV CM flows in Kumamoto Broadcasting (RKK)!
    CM video is this!

  • Steak Okinawa Rycom shop is open suddenly!
    We broadcast CM by Okinawa Ryukyu broadcast!
    Please see by all means from 23rd to 29th!

  • Sendai store is open!
    It is TV CM of Sendai store opening (Sendai Television Broadcasting)
    ※It is price at the time of 2015.2.21 broadcast

  • Roppongi shop CM
    Suddenly! It is CM video of steak Roppongi shop

  • Delicious how to eat Wilde steak
    It is delicious how to eat formula film.
    Wild steak is limited at lunchtime until 15:00 on weekdays.

  • Delicious how to eat order cut
    It is how to eat formula film that steak is delicious suddenly.
    Order cut is the whole day on ..., Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays at 15:00 on weekdays.


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