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We are developing net shop at the following, 5 stores!

※Price may vary according to stores.

※The enforcement situation of each sale, point service, please identify store page.

Depending on time, we may not carry out.

[characteristic of each shop]


Breath or steak Rakuten Ichiba shop 

In Rakuten Ichiba shop, there are various sales including "Rakuten marathon sale" "Rakuten supermarket sale".


Breath or steak Yahoo shop


・5 day campaigns that there is

→Must-see meat enthusiast a whole bunch; is three times a month of special campaigns♪
When we purchase products using the PayPay balance or Yahoo! JAPAN card every month on 5th, 15th, 25th, we give PayPay bonus light (※ 3) of 4% of amount of use (※ 1) (※ 2)♪
※The amount of 1 use is amount of money displayed with "total amount of money" (tax-included) before "decision by order" that added shipping and handling to amount of money after the use point (T point usually fixed during point, period) and discount with shopping coupon (Yahoo! Shopping issuance, store issuance) were reflected. But the amount of use is changed when there is amount of money change after the settlement of order. Please confirm the amount of final use in "we confirm the order details" of order history.
※4% of amount of 2 use cut off decimal and calculate.
※We cannot transfer 3 PayPay bonus lights. It is 60 days from grant day on expiration date. The details of PayPay bonus light, please identify this (the outside site).

In Yahoo shop, T point is available.


 Breath or steak Amazon store

In Amazon store, we prepare a lot of set products including the postage.


 Breath or steak Wowma! shop

In wauma shop of AU point can use.



In PEPPER FOOD SERVICE net shop, there is the handling of "meat money gift card".





Member shop offer

President Ichinose book

Meat mileage

Suddenly! LINE stamp