We start on New Year's Day! "Meat mileage marathon"

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December 31, 2018


We start on New Year's Day! "Meat mileage marathon"

Usually smarter! Thank you for using steak.


We start "meat mileage marathon" on Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

This becomes ranking to enjoy for total for three months, and the name is listed in POP of store notice to the 100th place!

In addition, we present meat money coupon of 1,000 yen to participant every 10 kg of arrival! (we give in a mass in the middle of April)

And we present meat money coupon to last marathon ranking high rank ten people! (middle of April plan)

Participation qualification is OK just to enroll in application member! (existing member becomes the same entry)



In addition, supply is necessary for marathon! There with what!

We open meat money charge bonus 5 times day of plan every month on "day when there is 9" on annual "29 days",

We decided to make holding (from January to March limitation) three times every month.

(as there is not 29th in February, 2019, we hold on February 28)



Is various for 2,019 years; "is smart! Please enjoy by ranking!

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Detailed HP is this


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