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December 16, 2019


Guidance of December meat friend club party








The 50th breath! Meat friend club party

This year decreased in another day, too. How are all of you getting along?
This meat friend club party is "Christmas fashion" of daily delay!
We prepare for menu in Special Menu.
In addition, GASHAPON which did great popularity BANDAI and collaboration that had in the last meat friends "suddenly! We install steak miniature mascot in particular this time in shop.
We want to let you do, complete that you did not have in your hand yet! Person called this, please get favorite steak!

As for the dishes, please enjoy quite popular bacon cheese pepper rice with pepper lunch other than specially made sauce training beef tongue of "beef tongue Sendai NATORI" during sale by garlic Caesar salad, roast beef, mail order of kirosa beef from Iwate on ribulose steak, fillet and wild hamburg steak menu. We prepare fruit at the end of the meal.
In addition, come early as this is not served unlimitedly.

In addition, this player guest will show luxurious collaboration session by Itoko Oba and Nami Koizumi of violinist.

As there is meat, and there is communication, and it is fun contents which there is music in, we would like you to participate by all means.
In "rock, paper, scissors meet" with prize to become large serving rise every time, we offer luxurious prize.
You fight successfully through rock, paper, scissors, and please get luxurious prize.
Anyway, we look forward to pleasant meat friend Christmas party ^-, your participation.

I am sorry to trouble you, but, about participation application, we ask for your kind cooperation from the following application form.
Making a reservation would like than application form as follows.

In addition, we send confirmation email to customer who made a reservation within three days.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please let customer whom confirmation email does not reach know.

1.Date   : Thursday, December 26, 2019 19:00-21:00 (reception desk start 18:30)
2.Place   : Suddenly! Pepper lunch diner UENO3153 shop
       1-57, Uenokouen, Taitou-ku, Tokyo UENO3153 2F, TEL 03-3836-3153
3.Contents   : Please enjoy representative product by buffet. (free drink)
4.Membership fee   : 6000 yen per person
         ※It is said that payment is only cash.
Please contact us for your inquiries to business plan promotion part.
TEL 03-6859-9203

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