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October 20, 2017


News of 10/20 price change

Usually smarter! We appreciate your favoring steak.


With cost price of meat changing, we change the price of some products today from Friday, October 20.

In addition, we raise the price of wine, highballs following the fact that cost price of wine whiskey rose by Liquor Tax Act revision.


※Price becomes all the price exclusive of tax.


・Ribulose steak 1g/7 .3 yen → 1g/6 .9 yen

・Angus CAB surloin steak 1g/8 .5 yen → 1g/8 .2 yen

・Naruo brand surloin steak 1g/8 .5 yen → 1g/8 .2 yen (some store-based sales)

※Fixed-quantity cut of lunch becomes like gram calculation, too.


・Wild steak 200 g (with rice, salad, soup) 1,100 yen → 1,130 yen

・Wild steak 300 g (with rice, salad, soup) 1,350 yen → 1,390 yen

・Wild steak 450 g (with rice, salad, soup) 1,800 yen → 1,850 yen

※Wild dinner menu steak should be same price case, too.



・Glass of wine 500 yen → 520 yen

・Bottled wine 2,500 yen → 2,600 yen

・Highball 400 yen → 420 yen



For more details, it is this


We hope that we have you understand as we will make an effort for product quality improvement that can affect expectation of customer, the making of shop to be satisfied with.

It will be smart in future! I would like steak.



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