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April 5, 2018


"abenjazu / Infinity war" tie-up campaign

Usually smarter! We appreciate your favoring steak.


※Campaign was finished.

Commemorative movie "abenjazu / Infinity war" publicly today than Friday, April 6; "is smart! We hold tie-up kiang pe n!


①We collect six stamps, and special goods hit! We hold application stamp campaign!

Campaign period: From Friday, April 6, 2018 to Thursday, May 31

※Campaign was finished.



②Furthermore, we carry out tie-up lapping in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya! (description of ※ bottom store)

・Shinagawa seaside forest shop

・Umeda Doyama store

・Nagoya Mitsui Building shop

※Tie-up lapping was finished.


Special HP is this


"abenjazu / Infinity, wow" [Friday, April 27 special first-run showing]

―To the strongest end―

4.27 Friday abenjazu, the annihilation.

Official site is this place


It is smart by all means at this opportunity! Come to steak!


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