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November 13, 2017


Under child star Collabos NAC release!

Usually smarter! We appreciate your favoring steak.


Ramen that babies terdoh of the steak supervision is huge suddenly "is smart! With steak taste "is smart! Steak wasabi garlic taste is now on sale at convenience stores of the whole country! ※We remove some stores

In addition, we list campaign contents which meat money coupon hits in package of snack cake by lot.

 ≪Suddenly! Ramen release that steak supervision babies terdoh is huge is commemorative≫

500 people win for meat money coupon 2,000 yen by lot! Under campaign holding! ※Apply from QR cord of the product package back.

Campaign period: From Wednesday, November 1 to Sunday, December 31


New York

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President Ichinose book

Meat person sinew

Times collaboration

Gift card

Suddenly! LINE stamp