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February 4, 2020

We sell course menu, regular!

Usually smarter! We appreciate your using steak.

It is smart by favorable reception course menu having! In steak all the stores (other than food court shop),

We will sell regular! The number of the menus was simple became affordable price♪

※Sumida Taihei store is excluded

①Middle rib steak (150 g) + Wilde hamburger steak (150 g) course 1,980 yen

②Top rib steak (150 g) course 1,655 yen

③Fillet (200 g) course 2,360 yen

★Beith soup, breath specially made on course menu or Small salad, rice or garlic rice,

Dessert (one water Daifuku or rice cake ice) is included ★ ※Dessert varies according to stores.

※It is all the price exclusive of tax.

Sale store: Breath except food court shop! Steak all the stores (including diner UENO3153 shop, diner Chinatown shop)

※Sumida Taihei store is excluded

Sale period: From Tuesday, February 4, 2020




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