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June 11, 2018


Suddenly! Generosity campaign is held!

Usually smarter! We appreciate your favoring steak.


Commemorative the meat mileage patent acquisition today than Monday, June 11; "is smart! We hold generosity campaign!

※Campaign was finished.


≪Meat mileage patent acquisition memory is smart! Generosity campaign≫

Period: From Monday, June 11, 2018 to Friday, August 31 ※Campaign was finished.

※It is two months from privilege grant on expiration date of rank up privilege.


①Application registration, meat money coupon present

When we have you register new application, during period, we give 1,000 yen coupon.


②Meat mileage rank up challenge campaign

During period, extra fare does the amount of rank up coupon of meat mileage card.

・It is gold card 1,000 yen from white card → 2,000 yen

・It is Platinum Card 3,000 yen from gold card → 5,000 yen

・It is diamond card 10,000 yen from Platinum Card → 20,000 yen


For more details, it is this


We discuss the rights and wrongs at this opportunity, and we aim, and rank up is smart! Come to steak!


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