"Suddenly! We updated steak kingdom largely!

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October 6, 2017


"Suddenly! We updated steak kingdom largely!

"Breath or steak kingdom" updated smartphone app game largely!


①We clear new feature "breath or challenge" mission and are smart! Coupon which is usable in steak all the stores can get!

※Mission has challenge condition.


②In addition, for New York shop branch, new area that made around New York motif comes up.


Furthermore, when have install "breath or steak kingdom" as update memory by Tuesday, January 31, 2018 or upload; "is smart! We present meat money coupon for 500 yen to be usable with steak!

※After having cleared tutorial, we can acquire coupon.


Specifically, it is this


■The application details

・Application name: Breath or steak kingdom

・The correspondence OS: Android/iOS

・Rate: Free (there is charge in application)

・Installation: https://goo.gl/K2oE8t


Specifically, it is this



New York

Member shop offer

Employment information

Pepper Food Service net shop

Challenge of office worker Hara

President Ichinose book

Meat person sinew

Thai son laboratory