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December 27, 2019


Jumbo steak fair holding!

Usually smarter! We appreciate your using steak.

During from Saturday, December 28 to Monday, January 13, we will hold jumbo steak fair!

Suddenly! It is advantageous and can eat "thick-sliced steak" of steak pride at fair price!

■Jumbo rib steak (450 g)        Normal price 3,105 yen ⇒ fair price 2,800 yen

■Double fillet (+200 g of 200 g 400 g in total) normal price 3,600 yen ⇒ fair price 3,300 yen 

※It is all the price exclusive of tax.

※It is attributive price only for the fixed-quantity cut mentioned above.

Fair period: From Saturday, December 28, 2019 to Sunday, January 13, 2020

Enforcement store: Suddenly! Steak all the stores (including diner ueno3153 shop, diner Yokohama Chinatown shop)

※We will not hold jumbo steak fair at the following store. Thank you for your understanding.

Yamaguchi Ube store, NAFCO two one-style Yamaguchi shop, Wajiro, Fukuoka store, Canal City Hakata store, Yumetaun Saga shop, Aeon Mall Yahatahigashi shop, Aeon Mall Nogata shop, Okinawa Rycom shop

Please have "thick-sliced steak" at this opportunity!




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