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November 12, 2019


Menu is replaced with a new one!

It is smarter than November 12! We perform menu revision in steak all the stores.

(as for the object lunch menu and grand menu)

With this revision, we cut the prices of CAB surloin steak from US to 1 g of 7.5 yen from 1 g of 8.2 yen.

①Grand menu

・You introduce menu of fixed-quantity cut and become able to order at seat.

・The number of the grams that menu does not have mention takes order in the cut ground same as before.

②Lunch menu

・Sirloin, ribulose, fins, fixed-quantity cut of domestic rib or sirloin are <<lunchtime special prices>>

We do this and provide at 100 yen - 200 yen discount from dinnertime.

※Type of domestic beef varies according to stores. Please confirm in each store HP.

Please confirm press release in total.

We look forward to visit of customer.




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