[store-limited] We sell for wild steak 150 g 900 yen (tax-excluded)!

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July 10, 2020


[store-limited] We sell for wild steak 150 g 900 yen (tax-excluded)!

We appreciate your usually using steak more suddenly.

We sell 150 g of wild steak for 900 yen (tax-excluded) only in store from Friday, July 10!

As for the lunchtime, soup lunch salad is working under Rice! Change comes back for what 1,000 yen!

※It is price in one piece of article in dinnertime.

Heap of, substitute for rice (once) are free with steak suddenly!

Please have to the full♪

[the sale start date] From Friday, July 10, 2020

[sale store] Sendai store (Miyagi), Kinshicho store (Tokyo), Shimokitazawa store (Tokyo), Yokohama west exit store (Kanagawa),

       Funabashi shop (Chiba), Nagoya Mitsui Building shop (Aichi), Umeda Doyama store (Osaka), the Okayama first Avenue shop (Okayama)

       Higashihie, Fukuoka store (Fukuoka), Takada, Nagano store (we begin to sell than Nagano, 7/28)





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